People have become more and more comfortable with and reliant on mobile phones. In fact, there are now more mobile phone subscribers in the world, than there are landline phone subscribers. Mobile phones and text messaging are becoming the primary means of communication. 350 billion text messages are exchanged worldwide every month. Text Reps gives you the tools needed to break into this rapidly expanding market.

TextReps is incredibly flexible for businesses in service based industries. Quickly and easily manage your upcoming appointments with customized text messages. Perfect for a variety of industries where appointments are often scheduled or waiting lists are used.

  •  Hair and Nail Salons
  •  Spas
  •  Restaurants
  •  Automotive Shops
  •  Rental Companies
  •  Real Estate
  •  Medical Practices
  •  Dental Practices
  •  Pharmacies
  •  Veterinarians
  •  Accountants
  •  Many More!
Personal Use

Text Reps software can be used for the following personal uses:

RemindersSchedule messages to yourself and your family for important appointments and special occasions.
Group MessagingGroup messaging can be used to send an important message to your list of contacts. This comes in handy for: book clubs, religious groups, little league teams, families, etc.
PagingWhether you need to call the kids home for dinner, or just let your friend know what you're up to, Text Reps software makes it easy to keep in contact
GreetingsLet your friends and family know you haven't forgot their birthday. Send a special message for any occasion.
Much MoreIf you can think of a good reason you would like to send or receive a text message - chances are Text Reps software can fill your need

Business Use

Here are some of the ways businesses can improve productivity and save money by using Text Reps software:

AdvertisingMaintain a list of contacts on a location by location basis; then send targeted messages to your group of contacts.
Appointment RemindersSend text message reminders to your customers to remind them of their appointment. Research shows that no-shows can be reduced by up to 50% through the use of his service.
Waiting List NotificationKeep track of waiting customers and send them a message when it's their turn. This is useful for restaurants or any business that has waiting customers.
Birthday MessagesShow your clients that they're important by remembering their birthday. A configurable message can be sent to your contacts using their birthday as a trigger.
Employee CommunicationThe platform provides an easy way to communicate with your employees. This is especially useful if your employees are on the road.
School AlertsStudent communication – assignments, test reminders.
Customer FeedbackHow's your driving? Did you receive great service? How was your server? Find out by collecting feedback using text messaging. All responses are collected in an easy to access report.
ContestsBuild your opt-in advertising list by conducting a contest. Notify winners by text message using the paging feature.
SurveysConduct surveys using Text Reps software
Much MoreIf you can think of a good reason you would like to send or receive a text message - chances are Text Reps software can fill your need